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Whisky Single grain

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The single grain whisky is produced in a single distillery from grains other than malted barley. Most single grains are made from a mixture mainly consisting of corn but also wheat and sometimes barley (malted or not) and are distilled in Coffey stills. The single grain is generally used in the composition of blended whisky, but there are a few bottles of grain whisky sold as such as the Nikka Coffey Grain.
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The Chita

43 % / 70 cl

€ 60.00

Coffey Grain

45 % / 70 cl

€ 59.00
Only 2 in stock!

Nikka Coffey Range Box

44,25 % / 280 cl

€ 230.00

Nikka Coffey Grain box

45 % / 70 cl

€ 64.90

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