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Whisky Okayama

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Miyashita distillery is the story of two brothers, Kamezo and Motosaburo Miyashita, who, from an early age, find themselves in the care of a loved one, following the sudden death of their beloved father. This person is at this time director of a famous brewery in Japan. They find themselves immersed in the heart of Japanese know-how, especially on the development of sake. For years, they will learn and shape their creative talent to build in 1915, their own brewery : "Miyashita Sake Brewery", which will become a few decades later, a distillery. Over the years, the two brothers have developed a real entity within Okayama Prefecture. The distillery claims its many know-how by producing different types of alcoholic beverages, as varied as complementary. On this dynamic, Miyashita distillery is working on the production of Japanese whiskies. In 2011, they reveal their first whisky : Okayama Single Malt. With this experience, the team decided to perfect its techniques and acquire tools at the forefront of modernity by importing a German still in 2015, year of the 100th anniversary of the distillery, which will produce whisky respecting standards worthy of the biggest distilleries.
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Okayama Triple Cask

43 % / 70 cl

€ 165.00

Okayama Single Malt

40 % / 70 cl

€ 145.00

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