Nikka The Grain

Single Grain - 48% - 70 cl

Nikka The Grain is the third part of the "Discovery" collection, created to celebrate 90 years of the Nikka whisky house founded in Hokkaido in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru.

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This special edition is a tribute to the art of blending, the result of a meticulous selection of the finest distillates from four Nikka distilleries: the famous Miyagikyo, equipped for the most part with column stills; Nishinomiya, shut down in 1998; and Moji and Satsuma Tsukasa, originally dedicated to the production of Shochu.

On the nose, this grain whisky offers a blend of beeswax, aromatic herbs and fresh fruit, mingling with vanilla and cereal nuances, revealing the richness of its taste profile. On the palate, the creamy sweetness of almond and coconut milk combines with subtle vanilla, providing a dynamic attack, while notes of licorice, cinnamon and ginger add surprising depth. The smooth, balanced finish extends the taste experience, revealing the cereals and aromatic herbs initially present on the nose, accompanied by flavors of mint, acacia honey and floral scents of broom and mimosa that linger on the palate.

Nikka The Grain is the fruit of a meticulous blend, combining old Coffey Grain (corn and malted barley) and Coffey Malt (100% malted barley) from the Nishinomiya distillery, as well as Coffey Grain and Coffey Malt from Miyagikyo. These distillates are enriched by Barley Grain (malted and unmalted barley) and Barley Grain and Corn & Rye (malted barley, corn, rye), distilled in iron stills at the Moji and Satsuma Tsukasa distilleries. Bottled at 48% and aged in new American oak casks, this grain whisky offers a smooth texture and complex aromatic palette. Old and new distillates blend harmoniously to create a unique sensory experience.


Details Nikka The Grain


Single Grain


Nikka Whisky


Miyagikyo - Nishinomiya - Moji - Satsuma Tsukasa






70 cl

Bottling Date


Type of cask

White Oak Virgin Cask


Small Batch - Limited Edition




No peated


Malted barley & cereals

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The brand

The brand Nikka Whisky

Founded in 1934 by Masataka Taketsuru just after the construction of the Yoichi distillery, Nikka is today a brand recognized worldwide for the quality of its whiskies.

With its two distilleries Yoichi and Miyagikyo, Nikka produces a very large variety of products allowing the brand to propose a very wide range of whiskies from Yoichi and Miyagikyo single malts to Taketsuru blended malts, including the famous From the Barrel is the flagship.

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Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky

Made of whiskies exclusively distilled, aged and bottled in Japan.



Notes of rose, lavender, lila, orange blossom, geranium, heather, ...



Notes of barley, wheat, rye, corn, malt, hay, ...



Notes of mint, aromatic herbs, eucalyptus, cut grass, ...