Giftbox Kujira Inari + 2 Glasses

Ryukyu Whisky - 46 % - 70 cl

The Kujira Inari boxed set is an elegant selection that includes a bottle of Kujira Inari Japanese whisky and two glasses embossed with the Kujira kanji, offering a refined and authentic tasting experience.

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Kujira Inari's nose is immediately seductive, with delicate notes of apples, pears, tropical fruits and spices, harmoniously interwoven. On the palate, the whisky reveals all its splendor with woody, gourmet oak aromas, juicy figs, nuts and a hint of butterscotch. The finish is smooth and long, where the pleasant fruity and woody fragrance lingers delicately, wrapped in a round texture for a taste experience full of refinement.

Kujira Inari is distilled from 100% Indica rice, giving it a unique taste experience. The use of Okinawan “black Koji”, an essential ingredient in rice fermentation, is the link between Scottish and traditional Japanese distillation techniques. Aged in virgin white oak casks, this single grain offers added depth and complexity to its flavor profile. The name “Inari”, meaning the god of rice cultivation in Japanese mythology, is the perfect name for this whisky, which draws its richness from this essential ingredient. This box, with its two logo glasses, makes it possible to enjoy this exceptional whisky in ideal conditions, and to share the experience with a loved one. The elegant design of the box and glasses adds a touch of sophistication, making this box a perfect choice for whisky lovers and collectors alike.

Masahiro Distillery, founded in 1883, is one of the oldest and largest distilleries in Okinawa, Japan. It distills KUJIRA Ryukyu whisky from 100% premium rice, and crafts its whiskies from different ages selected by master blenders, creating harmonious flavors and aromas. The whisky is aged under the sun and sea breeze of Okinawa Island. The subtropical climate and maritime environment provide warm, humid storage conditions that accelerate the maturation process, giving Kujira whisky its subtle fruitiness, botanical aromas and powerful texture.


Details Giftbox Kujira Inari + 2 Glasses


Ryukyu Whisky


Kujira Ryukyu Whisky


Masahiro Shuzo






46 %


70 cl

Type of cask

White Oak Virgin Cask


Small Batch




No peated



Rice variety



Cardboard case

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The brand

The brand Kujira Whisky

Pioneer of a new kind of whisky, Kujira innovates in grain whiskies by exploiting a cereal hitherto unused for whisky and more traditionally associated with other Japanese spirits. 

Grain whiskies made from rice, these whiskies also called Ryukyu whiskies from the name of the ancient kingdom of Okinawa, draw their roots from the ancestral know-how of Okinawa distilleries in the production of Awamori.

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Baking, honey, toffee, custard, dried fruits, ...

Rice whisky

Rice whisky

Blend of grain whiskies distilled in Japan from rice.

Exotic fruits

Exotic fruits

Notes of coconut, banana, pineapple, lychee, kiwi, ...



Notes of undergrowth, humus, bark, oak, resinous, ...