Hakutsuru Umeshu Genshu

Liqueur de fruit - 19,5% - 70 cl

Hakutsuru Umeshu Genshu is an authentic plum wine made exclusively from carefully selected Nanko plums, offering a rich, natural tasting experience.

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The nose of Hakutsuru Umeshu Genshu will seduce you with its sweet, fruity fragrance, reminiscent of a plum orchard in full bloom. On the palate, this umeshu reveals rich, delicate aromas, with notes of ripe fruit and a slight sweetness that coats the palate. The finish is long and pleasant, letting the natural, pure taste of plums linger, without any trace of acidulant or added flavor.

Hakutsuru Umeshu Genshu is made from 100% Kishu Nanko plums, renowned for their thick flesh and ability to produce a rich-tasting umeshu. They are harvested in early June, after ripening in the sun and rain. As soon as they arrive at the brewery, they are gently washed and sorted by hand to ensure optimum quality. They are then placed in a vat where they slowly marinate with brewed alcohol (sake) and sugar, allowing their natural aromas and flavors to develop to the full.

The Hakutsuru sake brewery, founded in 1743, follows a traditional manufacturing method to produce its umeshu. The plums are stirred regularly in the vat, allowing the fruit extract to dissolve slowly in the alcohol. Once maceration is complete, the umeshu is separated from the fruit and further aged to obtain an even richer aroma and taste.

What sets Hakutsuru apart is its commitment to using only natural ingredients to produce this authentic umeshu, which contains no added acidulants, colorants or fragrances, allowing connoisseurs to savor the purity and richness of Kishu Nanko plums. This alcoholic beverage reflects the Hakutsuru brewery's heritage and passion for producing high-quality sake, respecting traditions while offering an exceptional taste experience.


Details Hakutsuru Umeshu Genshu


Liqueur de fruit




Honshu - Hyogo




70 cl


Plum (ume)


Bottle only

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Brewery Hakutsuru Sake

Founded in 1743 in Kobe, in the Nada district, by Jihei Kano, Hakutsuru is a historic house of sake and one of the leading brands in Japan. The brewery is distinguished by its history but also by a complete mastery of the entire production chain, from the cultivation of rice to the production of sake.

Hakutsuru has thus designed its own variant of Nishiki rice, grown in Tamba-Sasayama in Hyōgo prefecture. With its 275 years of experience, Hakutsuru has managed to strike a balance between artisanal production and volume since the brand is very present in Japan but is also a major export player with distribution of its products in more than 55 countries.

If sake remains its flagship product, the Hakutsuru house has also developed its offer of other Japanese alcohols such as gin, umeshu or, more recently, whisky with the single malt Tancho.

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