Akashi Sake Brewery


Based in Akashi since 1856, the Yonezawa family brewery produces Akashi-Tai sake with respect for the artisanal and local know-how of the Hyōgo region.

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Akashi Sake Brewery

Based in Akashi since 1856, the Yonezawa family brewery has been producing Japanese sake and liqueurs for over a century. Marketed under the Akashi-Tai brand, their name pays homage to the gilthead sea bream ("Tai" in Japanese), emblem of Akashi City.

Made from a fine selection of the best Gohyakumangoku and Yamadanishiki rice, Akashi-Tai sakes are produced in small quantities, under the supervision of Kimio Yonezawa, Master Toji of the house and also Master Blender & Distiller from the adjacent Kaikyo distillery.

Produced in an artisanal way, Akashi-Tai sakes are thought by Kimio Yonezawa to be "luxurious, bodied, generous sake, with a lot of depth and great aromatic intensity" while revealing "its origins and the calming influences of the sea".

You will find on Uisuki, for now, a Junmai Daiginjo and a Daiginjo from the Akashi brewery.

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