Masahiro Okinawa Gin

Gin - 47% - 70 cl

Created by the Masahiro Shuzo distillery founded in 1883 in the Okinawa archipelago, Masahiro Okinawa Gin is a handcrafted gin that draws its inspiration from the tradition and culture of this tropical region in southern Japan.

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It is carefully crafted using a base of awamori, a local long grain rice brandy, and juniper berries combined with five botanicals specific to the tropics: guava leaves, shekwasha (a small Japanese citrus fruit), goya (or Okinawan melon), roselle, and pipatsu or long island pepper, adding fruity and exotic notes to this exceptional gin. Each sip transports you to the enchanting atmosphere of Okinawa.

Let yourself be seduced by the freshness coming from the awamori and by its delicate nose with floral and juniper aromas. On the palate, you will discover tropical fruit and citrus flavors that will awaken your taste buds and then you will be captivated by the intensity and aromatic nuances of Okinawa's characteristic tropical plants. The finish gives way to herbal notes, adding an extra dimension to this taste experience.

Its production is based on an original production method that combines European gin production techniques with traditional awamori production. A first distillation in an iron still is carried out, followed by a maceration of the botanicals, then a second distillation in a column still. This approach fully captures the aromas and flavors of the ingredients, creating a gin of great complexity and finesse.

To fully appreciate this Japanese gin, we recommend that you enjoy it neat, with or without ice. You can also enjoy it in a Gin Tonic, by combining it with a very light soda, or incorporate it into cocktails, by combining it with tropical fruits to create tasty combinations.


Details Masahiro Okinawa Gin




Masahiro Shuzo








70 cl


Bottle only

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