Benizakura Craft Gin 9148 Sakura n°0396

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A limited edition of Benizakura Distillery's 9148 gin, recipe n°0396 was created to pay homage to the arrival of spring and the blossoming of Japan's cherry trees.

Most of the botanicals used in the composition come from Hokkaido, sometimes even harvested directly in the park adjacent to the distillery, we find hakodate (natural kelp) from Osatsube, dried daikon radish, shiitake mushrooms. The other botanicals (juniper berries, cherry leaves, cherry blossoms, coriander, angelica, cinnamon, lemon, blueberries, cardamom, cloves, pink pepper) come from Japan.  

This gin evokes the spring colors of the island of Hokkaido when the snow melts, and as for the previous editions a cherry blossom has been placed in the bottle.


Details Benizakura Craft Gin 9148 Sakura n°0396




Craft Gin 9148


Hokkaido Liberty Whisky






45 %


70 cl


Cardboard case

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The brand

The brand Benizakura - Hokkaido Liberty Whisky

If Hokkaidō, the northernmost island of Japan, already had a well-established reputation for its whiskies with the historic distillery of Nikka, Yoichi, and the most recent distillery Akkeshi, it will now be necessary to add a know-how in the production of gin.

Inaugurated in mid-2018, the Benizakura distillery is located in Sapporo and produces craft gins using local ingredients such as lilac, lavender, kombu or even more surprising Shiitake mushrooms.

Created by Hokkaido Liberty Whisky Inc., the distillery takes its name from the park in which it is located. For its craft gin, the objective is that it "become a souvenir to bring back from your trip to Hokkaido", as Hidekuni Hayashi, CEO of the company, points out.

With Uisuki, the memory of Hokkaido comes directly to you without even having to travel to Sapporo. Note that, as the name of the company suggests, it is highly possible that a Japanese whisky might come out from the Benizakura’s still in the coming years. Whisky distillation may even have begun as far as we know…

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