Hatozaki 12 years old Umeshu Cask Finish

Blended Malt - 46 % - 70 cl

Discover Hatozaki 12 yo Umeshu Cask Finish, a new limited expression from the Kaikyo distillery, part of the tremendous effervescence that Japanese whisky has been experiencing for over a decade.

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On the nose, this whisky reveals cereal and iodine notes, the precursors of a rich, complex taste experience. On the palate, the delicacy of pear and apricot blends harmoniously with honeyed and malty nuances, offering a balanced and subtle palette of flavors. The finish is long and sweet, leaving a delicate, refined imprint on the palate.

Hatozaki 12 years Umeshu Cask Finish is the fruit of a meticulous small-batch blend of single malts, aged for 12 years in old American oak casks. Then it rests for a further 6 months in casks that have contained Umeshu liqueur, a traditional Japanese plum liqueur, for a distinctive secondary maturation full of character. Bottled at 46% alc. this limited-edition whisky, with no added colorants, embodies the authenticity and quality of the Hatozaki brand.

To make Umeshu, the master distiller selects the finest plums grown in Hyogo prefecture, macerates them in Ginjo sake for 6 months and then ages the liqueur in enamelled vats for 2 years. This attention to the ingredients and the production process gives this whisky a unique identity and incomparable quality. Hatozaki 12 Year Old Umeshu Cask Finish is an invitation to savor Japanese excellence and craftsmanship in every sip.

Launched in 2022, this expression testifies to the excellence of Japanese know-how in maturing, refining and blending, embodied by Kimio Yonezawa, founder of the Hatozaki brand.


Details Hatozaki 12 years old Umeshu Cask Finish


Blended Malt




Akashi Sake Brewery




Honshu - Hyogo


46 %


Unchill filtered


70 cl


12 year old

Bottling Date


Type of cask


Finishing Cask

Umeshu cask

Finishing Period

6 months


Small Batch - Limited Edition




No peated


Malted barley


Cardboard case

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The brand

The brand Hatozaki

With a long experience as brewers started in 1856, particularly with Akashi-Tai sakes, the Yonezawa family has been distilling spirits since 1917. 100 years later, in 2017, the production of spirits gains new momentum with the installation of Forsyths stills and the creation of the Kaikyō distillery to produce Japanese whisky and gin.

While waiting for the first single malt distilled at the Kaikyō distillery to be sufficiently mature, Kimio Yonezawa uses his skills as a master blender on Hatozaki blend whiskies. Inspired by his travels abroad and his regular exchanges with foreign master distillers and blenders, especially Scottish, Kimio Yonezawa carefully craft Hatozaki whiskies using a two-step blending process.

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