Xmas selections.

This Christmas, offer the best of Japanese alcohol, from Japanese whisky to traditionnal sake.
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For Japanese whisky lovers.

Japanese whiskies iconics

The iconics.

They define and embody Japanese whisky through their history, production or aromas. If you don't know what to choose, start by looking here.
Whiskies japonais originaux et décalés

The bold ones.

Coming from independent and often recent distilleries, they embody the future of Japanese whisky and will most likely surprise even the most connoisseurs.
Whisky japonais d'exception

The exceptions.

Aged, rare or in limited editions, these are the most exclusive Japanese whiskies available. They reach high standard to please the collectors and aesthetes.
Whisky japonais à moins de 50 €

The affordable ones.

At less than € 50, these whiskies are a perfect invitation to discovering the rich world of Japanese whiskies, without making compromise on quality.
Coffrets cadeaux whisky japonais

The gift boxes.

Why offer a bottle alone when you can combine a great whisky with one or two accessories for a perfect tasting experience and a beautiful item?
Whisky japonais tourbé

The peated ones.

Usually associated with Scotland, peat can also be found in the North of Japan. Discover these characterfull whiskies, with smoky, medicinal and/or marine accents.

Discovering traditional japanese alcohols.

Les incontournables du saké

The best-sellers.

These are the most popular sakes, those that appeal to both connoisseurs and novices. To avoid any mistake, these are undoubtedly the sake to discover.
Tous le saké nihonshu

All sakes.

Looking for a gem? A sake for a very special occasion? With more than 60 finely selected Japanese sake, the one you're looking for is probably here.
Liqueurs - Umeshu

The fruity ones.

Increasingly popular, Japanese fruit alcohols are this christmas biggest trend. Find the best of Umeshu, Yuzushu and all the others-shu.

one more idea?

Alcools japonais pour cocktail

The mixologists.

If you like to combine flavors to recreate the great classics or invent your own cocktails, these alcohols will be the ideal partners for your creative spirit.
Rhums japonais

The rums.

Want to think outside the box? We usually don't think of Japan for rum and we are wrong. Surprise everyone with these unusual rums.
Services à saké

The accessories.

For the best tasting experience of sake, you need two things: a good sake but also the right tableware. Discover our selection of fine sake set made in Japan.
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