Kirin Single Grain 30 year old

Single Grain - 46 % - 70 cl

Kirin Single Grain 30 Year Old has won the titles of "World Best Grain Whisky" and "Best Japanese Grain Whisky" at the World Whiskies Awards 2020 in 2021.

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Kirin Single Grain 30 Year Old has won the titles of "World Best Grain Whisky" and "Best Japanese Grain Whisky" at the World Whiskies Awards 2020 in 2021, rewarding once again the House of Kirin and the Fuji Gotemba distillery for their know-how in the art of blending.

The result of a blend of a few exceptional bourbon casks in which single grains distilled in Batch Kettle stills have matured for about 30 years. The Master Blender Jota Tanaka delivers a real jewel that from the first scent expresses notes of ripe fruit and dried fruit, hazelnut and mountain honey.

During the tasting, its rich and deep aromatic profile reveals greedy aromas of honey sweets, dark chocolate, all wrapped in woody aromas. On the finish, the ripe fruit notes take over for a few moments to disappear elegantly into woody flavors.

Product limited to 1 bottles per order.


Details Kirin Single Grain 30 year old


Single Grain


Kirin Whisky


Fuji Mount Distillery


Honshu - Shizuoka


46 %


Unchill filtered


70 cl


30 year old

Bottling Date


Type of cask



Small Batch




No peated


Wooden box

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The distillery

The distillery Fuji

The Mount Fuji Distillery, founded in 1972 by the Kirin group in the city of Gotemba, is located, as its name suggests, at the foot of the famous Mount Fuji, one of the most well-known emblem of Japan. While the distillery has historical knowledge in grain whiskies, it produces a wide variety of Japanese whiskies that all pay homage to the Fujisan.

The distillery is located at 610 meters above sea level, in a natural environment. The distillery has springs where the pure water has been filtered through layers of volcanic rocks for decades. At this altitude, the climate is rather cool with an average temperature of 13°C, and the high humidity throughout the year is ideal for maturing the whiskies.

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Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky

Made of whiskies exclusively distilled, aged and bottled in Japan.



Notes of undergrowth, humus, bark, oak, resinous, ...



Notes of honey, vanilla, chocolate, caramel / toffee, ...

Dried fruits

Dried fruits

Notes of Sherry, dried fig, prune, candied fruits, ...