Vodka Seara

Vodka - 40 ° - 50 cl

Discover the purity and smoothness of Seara vodka, born on the tropical island of Okinawa, Japan. This unique vodka captures the essence of the region with its tropical climate, lush forests and the vibrant energy of its people

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On the nose, Seara offers a delicate sweetness and mellow aroma of rice, enhanced by a fresh scent of fruits and other inspiring essences. In the mouth, it reveals a clean taste without bitterness, with a soft and slightly thick texture that flows gently, amplifying the natural sweetness of the rice. The finish is soft and pleasant, with a slight sweet note due to the birch filtration, leaving a deliciously refreshing aftertaste.

Seara Vodka is a tribute to the island of Okinawa, famous for its warm tropical climate, crystal clear emerald green waters and lush forests. Made from high quality rice and wheat, this vodka is distilled using traditional methods, then birch filtered to achieve exceptional purity and incomparable smoothness. The name "SEARA" is a combination of the English word "sea" and the Japanese word "sora", meaning "sky" in Japanese, representing the tropical atmosphere of Okinawa. Seara is smooth, creamy and subtly sweet, evoking relaxation on a sunny beach.

Masahiro Distillery, founded in 1883 by Shobun Higa, has over 140 years of history producing quality spirits. Shobun's father, Shozoku Higa, a master chef of the Ryuku Kingdom, established the family's reputation by obtaining the license to produce Awamori, the iconic spirit of Okinawa. Today, the Masahiro Distillery continues to stand out for its exceptional production techniques, constant innovation and dedication to quality, honoring the legacy of Shozoku Higa.


Details Vodka Seara








40 °


50 cl


Rice - Wheat


Bottle only

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