Chichibu 9 years old Single Cask n°3094 Bourbon Barrel 2nd fill

Single Cask - 61,9 % - 70 cl

Chichibu 9 years Single Cask n°3094 Bourbon Barrel 2nd fill is a rare and exclusive Japanese whisky from the prestigious Chichibu distillery founded in 2007 in the Saitama region.

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On the nose, it immediately seduces with sweet aromas of canned peaches and grapefruit, enhanced by rich nuances of vanilla and cream, imparting an almost dessert-like quality. A subtle touch of coconut cream adds a tropical feel, gradually evolving into woody notes and a light cinnamon chai latte fragrance. The palate reveals an austere elegance, a honeyed opening mingles with mineral and slightly saline notes. As it evolves, nuances of vanilla cream and cereal malt stand out, accompanied by subtly earthy tones and hints of lactic acid, bringing a unique complexity typical of Chichibu expressions. The spicy finish reveals nuances of anise and pepper, accompanied by sweet lingering notes of honey and vanilla. Gradually, hints of baked apple transform into deeper notes of cocoa and a light umami reminiscent of soy sauce, offering a rich and diverse conclusion.

Chichibu 9 Year Old Single Cask #3094 Bourbon Barrel 2nd fill embodies the quintessential expertise of the Chichibu distillery, distilled in 2014 from propino barley, this whisky was carefully aged in Bourbon Barrel 2nd fill #3094 to reach optimal maturity, then bottled in 2023, offering just 177 bottles.

This limited edition is part of a series of Chichibu single cask whiskies bottled in partnership with Japanese designer Katsumi Komagata. This collection is distinguished by its labels featuring abstract shapes in bold, bright colors, reflecting the cheerful hues of children's books. Two of the labels, with their wavy shapes, evoke a fluid dynamic. Famous for his vibrant works in paper, Katsumi Komagata has illustrated nature-inspired images called "Bird, Forest, Sky, Wave" especially for this series, in perfect resonance with the essence of Chichibu whisky.

Product limited to 1 bottles per order.


Details Chichibu 9 years old Single Cask n°3094 Bourbon Barrel 2nd fill


Single Cask


Ichiro's Malt




Honshu - Saitama


61,9 %


Unchill filtered


Cask Strength


70 cl


9 year old



Bottling Date


Type of cask

Bourbon Barrel 2nd fill


Single Cask - Limited Edition

Cask Number


Number of bottles





No peated


Malted barley


Cardboard case

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The distillery

The distillery Chichibu

Ichiro Akuto, grandson of the founder of the Hanyu distillery, decided in 2007 to build a new whisky distillery in the town of Chichibu, 100 kilometers northwest of Tokyo.

Located near the old Hanyu distillery, the local climate with harsh winters and hot & humid summers, gives a certain maturity to the whiskies produced in Chichibu despite their relative young age (production started in 2008).

A small distillery, Chichibu produces in small quantities, but the remaining stocks of Hanyu, Kawasaki and Karuizawa, now exhausted but having been housed there, have allowed Ichiro Akuto to compose rare and exceptional blends. In 2020, the first of Ichiro Akuto's dreams came true with the first 10 year old single malt distilled, aged and blended in Chichibu and a long history beginning to be written.

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Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky

Made of whiskies exclusively distilled, aged and bottled in Japan.



Baking, honey, toffee, custard, dried fruits, ...

Exotic fruits

Exotic fruits

Notes of coconut, banana, pineapple, lychee, kiwi, ...



Notes of barley, wheat, rye, corn, malt, hay, ...