Akkeshi Single Malt Taisetsu

Single Malt - 55% - 70 cl

Taisetsu Single Malt, or “the great snows”, is the tenth edition in the “24 seasons” series from Japanese distillery Akkeshi, reflecting the winter period when plains and mountains are covered in snow.

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The nose of this whisky evokes a winter's night, with powerful citrus aromas of Hassaku orange, tangerine and orange, enriched by nuances of Darjeeling tea with honey and brown sugar, and a subtle hint of violet. On the palate, flavors begin with sweet, slightly acidic notes of orange and mandarin, evolving into more peaty touches of soy sauce, herbs and buttered toast, typical of the Akkeshi style. The finish is long and pleasant, marked by accents of white pepper, lime zest, ripe tangerine and noble spices. This whisky has a champagne-gold appearance, adding a visual touch to its complex profile.

Taisetsu Single Malt is made with exceptional water from the Homakai River, which cuts through the peat layers of the wetlands and is rich in nutrients, contributing to the superior quality of Akkeshi whisky and giving it distinctive peaty nuances.

The Akkeshi distillery uses a still made by Forsyth in Scotland, similar to those used on the Isle of Islay. This technical choice, combined with the cool, damp climate influenced by sea breezes, enables unique whisky aging in warehouses close to Akkeshi Bay. The water used for distillation comes from the Homakai River, upstream from the Opporo River, a wetland rich in biodiversity, essential to the quality of the whisky.

The Akkeshi distillery's “24 seasons” series is inspired by the 24 solar terms of the traditional Japanese calendar, each representing a specific phase of the year. Taisetsu, representing deep winter, offers a whisky that evokes the serenity and preparation of this season. The labels in this series illustrate this seasonal progression, allowing whisky lovers to discover and taste a unique expression of the Japanese natural cycle.


Details Akkeshi Single Malt Taisetsu


Single Malt










Unchill filtered


70 cl

Bottling Date


Type of cask

Mainly Bourbon Barrels


Small Batch - Limited Edition






Malted barley


Cardboard case

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The distillery

The distillery Akkeshi

Founded in 2013 by the Kenten Company, Akkeshi Distillery is sometimes referred to as the little Lagavulin for its similarities to the famous Scottish distillery.

Akkeshi is the second Japanese whisky distillery based on the island of Hokkaido after the famous Yoichi distillery of Nikka. Like its neighbor, it is inspired by the Scottish spirit with its pair of Forsyths traditional pot stills and the use of peated barley to produce single malts with a strong peaty character like those of Islay.

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Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky

Made of whiskies exclusively distilled, aged and bottled in Japan.



Notes of grapefruit, mandarin, yuzu, orange, lemon, ...



Notes of medicinal peat, iodine, earthy, seaweed, ...



Notes of honey, vanilla, chocolate, caramel / toffee, ...