Akashi Tai Honjozo Genshu

Saké - Nihonshu - 19% - 72 cl

Discover Akashi Tai Honjozo Genshu Tokubetsu, an Akashi brewery sake with a powerful, full-bodied profile that celebrates the authenticity and richness of traditional Japanese flavors.

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This sake reveals subtle aromas of beeswax, woody notes, white flowers and grapefruit, heralding an explosion of flavors on the palate for a rich, complex sensory experience. Its lively yet surprisingly creamy attack reveals intense umami and concentrated flavors that envelop the palate in a symphony of delights to leave a delicate, lingering imprint.

Akashi Tai Honjozo Genshu Tokubetsu is a genshu, meaning that no water is added at the end of fermentation, giving it remarkable concentration and a powerful alcohol content of 19°. More full-bodied and with a higher alcohol content than traditional sakes, it is perfect to enjoy toasted as an accompaniment to white meat dishes, revealing all its power and complexity.


Details Akashi Tai Honjozo Genshu


Saké - Nihonshu




Akashi Sake Brewery


Honshu - Hyogo




72 cl

Polishing rate

60% (Rice grain remaining)


Rice - Water - Koji - Yeast - Alcohol

Rice variety



Bottle only

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Brewery Akashi Sake Brewery

Based in Akashi since 1856, the Yonezawa family brewery has been producing Japanese sake and liqueurs for over a century. Marketed under the Akashi-Tai brand, their name pays homage to the gilthead sea bream ("Tai" in Japanese), emblem of Akashi City.

Made from a fine selection of the best Gohyakumangoku and Yamadanishiki rice, Akashi-Tai sakes are produced in small quantities, under the supervision of Kimio Yonezawa, Master Toji of the house and also Master Blender & Distiller from the adjacent Kaikyo distillery.

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To be tested warm

To be tested warm

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White meat

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