Togouchi Premium

Blend - 40 ° - 70 cl

Togouchi Premium is a Chugoku Jozo blended whisky. Made from scotch malt whisky and canadian grain whisky, but matured and vatted in Japan by japanese blenders

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Togouchi Premium is a Chugoku Jozo blended whisky. Made from scotch malt whisky and canadian grain whisky, but matured and vatted in Japan by japanese blenders, the very first identified flavors are very sweet with a dominant of coconut and hints of caramel and exotic fruits.

Composed of whiskies aged in oak barrels in a tunnel dug in the heart of the mountainous region of Nishi Chugoku Sanchi, the Togouchi Premium offers a thin and light texture, ideal to start discovering japanese whisky.

Blend with an excellent price / quality ratio, it will surprise the most curious japanese whisky enthusiasts with its unique history and will seduce them with the blending know-how of the house Chugoku Jozo.

Togouchi whiskies are specific in that they are only aged, blended, diluted in Japan and highlight the work of blending for the future productions of the Sakurao distillery. The aging of whisky casks imported from Scotland and Canada takes place in a unique site: a tunnel 361m long and dug in 1970 offering ideal conditions for maturation (constant temperature of 14°C and humidity of 80%). Part of their Japanese character is transmitted by the terroir through the spring water used for the reduction of the alcoholic volume which is drawn from the heart of the preserved mountains of the Sandankyo natural park.


Details Togouchi Premium






Sakurao Brewery & Distillery




Honshu - Hiroshima


40 °


70 cl

Type of cask

American white oak


No peated


Malted barley & cereals


Cardboard case

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The brand

The brand Togouchi

Togouchi is a special player in the Japanese whisky market. Firstly because the whiskies that make up the range are a blend of Scottish malt whiskies and grain whiskies from Canada.

They are then blended in Japan and aged in an old railway tunnel where the constant temperature of 14°C allows an ideal maturation. This tunnel is located in the city of Togouchi, near Hiroshima, which is obviously where the name of these original whiskies comes from.

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Aged in Japan

Aged in Japan

Composed mainly of imported whiskies, aged and blended in Japan.



Notes of grapefruit, mandarin, yuzu, orange, lemon, ...

Exotic fruits

Exotic fruits

Notes of coconut, banana, pineapple, lychee, kiwi, ...



Notes of honey, vanilla, chocolate, caramel / toffee, ...

Our tasting experience of Togouchi Premium.

Very clear gold/straw color, on the nose sweet aromas dominated by coconut, but also caramel and pineapple. In the mouth its texture is light, and always the presence of sweet aromas with a shy mentholated note coming from the grain whisky. Slight bitterness in the finish. This blend is very surprising by the exoticism of its aromas.