Asahi-Shuzo - Kubota


Founded in 1830, the Asahi Shuzo sake brewery is a historic player in sake in Japan, which is developing outside its borders mainly with the Kubota brand.

Asahi Shuzo - Kubota

Founded in the city of Nagaoka, in the heart of Niigata prefecture, a major rice and sake production center in Japan, the Asashi-Shuzo brewery is first and foremost known in Europe and around the world through its range of sakes: Kubota.

Since 1830, the house has been using all its expertise, from rice cultivation to sake brewing, to produce the best alcohol possible for nearly 200 years. If the main ingredient of sake obviously remains rice, it is first of all the pure and fresh water drawn near the brewery which contributes to the balance of alcohols produced by Kubota.

The rice, mostly of the Gohyakumangoku type, is grown by Asahi-Shuzo in partnership with local farmers in the Niigata region. It is then polished to different levels depending on the type of sake but overall at 50% for the Kubota sakes that we offer on Uisuki.

Note that the Asahi-Shuzo brewery has two "echigo toki" (master brewers), Motoyoshu Yamaga and Ryosaku Ohashi, which ensures perfect mastery and transmission of the house's know-how.

Finally, for those who are wondering: there are actually two breweries by the name of Asahi Shuzo. However, these are two different companies: one based in Iwakuni in Yamaguchi prefecture and represented by Dassai sakes and the other, presented here and therefore based in Nagaoka where Kubota sakes are brewed.

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