Mars Tsunuki Japanese Spring

Single Malt - 50 ° - 70 cl

Discover Mars Tsunuki Japanese Spring, a limited edition exclusive to Europe, celebrating Japanese spring through the three aging sites of the Mars Whisky brand.

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This whisky reveals aromas and flavors typical of this floral season. On the nose, it presents fruity notes with rich aromas of berries and baked red fruits, reminiscent of a crumble, which evolve towards nuances of applesauce and spices such as white pepper and cinnamon, all enveloped by a fine smoke. On the palate, delicious fruits mingle with an exotic acidity of passion fruit and a delicate bitterness of dark chocolate. The finish is distinguished by a noble woodiness, offering a beautiful structure. The finish is creamy, bringing depth and energy, with a perfectly controlled balance. Its dress is a deep gold.

The blend for this limited Tsunuki Japanese Spring cuvée consists of approximately 50% first and second fill bourbon casks, supplemented by sherry and port casks to add depth and complexity. To evoke hanami in its recipe, some barrel heads were replaced with cherry barrel heads, adding a distinct touch to its aromatic profile. In addition, the Tsunuki distillery has the signature of using malted barley peated at 20 ppm, in order to provide a delicate smoke and enrich all of its flavors.

This limited series "Japanese Spring" was created by Mars Whisky to capture the essence of Japanese spring, a season synonymous with sweetness and cherry blossoms, often celebrated by the Japanese through the tradition of hanami (literally, "watching the flowers"). The concept of this series highlights the three aging sites of Mars: Yakushima, Tsunuki and Shinshu, each bringing a unique dimension by symbolizing a stage of cherry blossom in Japan, from south to north. The labels of these whiskies illustrate this floral progression: Yakushima, with its tropical and maritime climate, Tsunuki, offering a deep and energetic whisky, and Shinshu, with a fruity and elegant whisky. This limited series of 400 bottles for each version, decorated with pink flowers, allows you to taste Japanese spring all year round.

Nestled in the green mountains of the Satsuma Peninsula, Mars Tsunuki Distillery was founded in 2016 in Kagoshima in the historic birthplace of Hombo Shuzo, leveraging over 100 years of tradition in shochu making. Located between Mount Kurata and Mount Nagaya, it enjoys a warm climate and high-quality water resources from the springs of Mount Kurata. At Tsunuki, the distillery uses its extensive knowledge of water and climate to create authentic whisky that honors the tradition of sake brewing while exploring new values ​​in Japanese whisky.


Details Mars Tsunuki Japanese Spring


Single Malt


Mars Whisky


Hombo Shuzo




Kyushu - Kagoshima


50 °


Unchill filtered


70 cl

Bottling Date


Type of cask

Bourbon - Sherry - Porto Wine

Aging place

Tsunuki cellar


Small Batch - Limited Edition

Number of bottles





Lightly peated


Malted barley


Bottle only

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The distillery

The distillery Tsunuki Mars

The second distillery of the Hombo Shuzo group, which also owns Shinshu, Tsunuki was inaugurated in 2016.

Located on the island of Kyushu in the south of Japan, more precisely at the end of the Satsuma peninsula, famous for its mandarins and the quality of its spring water. The climate of the region is marked by large temperature differences between winter and summer, accentuated at the distillery due to its location in the basin of the Kasedashi River.

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Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky

Made of whiskies exclusively distilled, aged and bottled in Japan.



Baking, honey, toffee, custard, dried fruits, ...

Peaty / Smoky

Peaty / Smoky

Smoke, peat, iodine, toasted, medicinal, ...



Notes of mint, aromatic herbs, eucalyptus, cut grass, ...

Our tasting experience of Mars Tsunuki Japanese Spring.

On the nose, a fine salty peat takes over some notes of smoked bacon with a few touches of nuts and eucalyptus. When tasting, the peat is discreet in attack with almost caramelized sweet notes which take the advantage. In the finish, the peat makes a majestic return and leaves a sweet imprint devoid of bitterness which lingers pleasantly on the palate.