Dassai DEX 23

Saké - Nihonshu - 16% - 72 cl

Brewed by the renowned Asahi Shuzo House, Dassai 23 DEX is a junmai daiginjo sake that pays tribute to the tradition and science of fermentation, by featuring elements derived from this process: exosomes.

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Made from Yamada Nishiki rice, polished to an impressive 23% residual of its original grain, this sake embodies the constant quest for perfection and purity. For this special cuvée, meticulous concentration on the fermentation process extracts the subtle aromas and natural benefits of the rice, offering a refined and delicate taste experience. Each bottle of Dassai 23 DEX represents an exquisite balance of subtle aromas, mellow sweetness and perfect acidity, the result of a meticulous brewing process and rigorous selection of ingredients.

The story of Dassai 23 begins with the ambitious vision of creating a Junmai Daiginjo sake with an unrivalled 25% rice polish. However, after the discovery of a competitor selling a 24% polished sake, the challenge of becoming "Japan's most polished" became a passionate quest. The process was fraught with obstacles, with intensive polishing of the rice grains over 7 days and 7 nights to achieve the remarkable residual rate of 23%.

Wrapped in a specially created case by the team of renowned Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto, who passed away in 2020, this confidential edition of this high-end sake celebrates not only brewing tradition but also innovation, fusing the heritage of the past with modern advances to create a drink that embodies the ancestral benefits of fermentation.


Details Dassai DEX 23


Saké - Nihonshu


Junmai Daiginjo




Asahi Shuzo


Honshu - Yamaguchi




72 cl

Polishing rate

23% (Rice grain remaining)


Rice - Water - Koji - Yeast

Rice variety

Yamada Nishiki


Cardboard case

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Brewery Asahi Shuzo - Dassai

Founded in 1948 in the Yamaguchi region, Asahi Shuzo is now famous around the world for its Dassai Sake line.

Nestled in a lush mountainous region not far from the town of Iwakuni, Asahi Shuzo was producing ordinary sake and was in decline when Hiroshi Sakurai took over the small family business in 1984 and decided to shift production to high-end sake.

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Citrus fruits, exotic fruits, red and/or yellow fruits, ...

Serve chilled

Serve chilled

Best served chilled (approx. 4 to 8°C)



Perfect with your cheeses, like a good wine!



Notes of rose, lavender, lila, orange blossom, geranium, heather, ...