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About us

"Uisuki is the japanese pronunciation of the word whisky (ウ イ ス キ ー) making it the perfect synthesis of our project : to promote and distribute japanese whisky, universally recognized as one of the best whisky in the world."

                                                                                                            Frédéric & Nicolas.

A project guided by a passion 

The shop is born from a more than 20 year old friendship between two friends Nicolas Rua and Frédéric de Francqueville. Above all passionate about Japan and also in parallel, quality spirits and whisky lovers, we decided to combine these two interests for a premium and ambitious e-commerce project.

We are also lucky to have, for our respective businesses, the opportunity to enrich this experience daily, Nicolas being regularly in Japan (almost once a month) and Frederic is also associate director of a digital agency

This passion for Japan, this knowledge of whisky and expertise in e-commerce, we are at your service to bring you a wide range of reference and also as possible a qualitative shopping experience.

The biggest offer in Japanese whisky

There are many online stores dedicated to spirits and whisky particularly. Some do a work of high quality but none of them offer all the references of Japanese whisky, precisely because they are not specialized and therefore they allow a legitimate part in Scotch whisky, Irish, American, Swedish, Indian , Taiwanese, French, ...

We have chosen to focus exclusively on Japanese products. First, as noted earlier, due to a high affinity for Japan and its culture, but also because beyond references that are Nikka and Suntory, there are various other distilleries or Japanese whisky brands that deserve to be highlighted. Obviously, we think of now legendary Karuizawa products but also excellent and extremely promising whisky distillery Chichibu (and all products grouped under the banner Ichiro's Malt), lesser-known productions Mars Maltage / Hombo Shuzo (unfortunately not distributed in France at the moment), and the amazing whiskies of White Oak or the more confidential Togouchi.

To date, we offer all Japanese whisky references distributed in Europe and we hope of course to enrich our catalog over time with ever more original and quality products.

We have also chosen to complete this rich catalog of whiskies by a careful selection of other Japanese alcohols. This obviously includes the traditional Sake but also highly specialized Shochu and Awamori, excellent Japanese liquors (the best known is probably Umeshu) or Rum, usually produced on the islands of  the far south of the Japanese archipelago.

A specific expertise

Alongside Uisuki, we also are the editors of the blog named (and its French version - All articles are written by Nicolas and Frederic, and we regularly enrich a database that already contains more than 260 references of Japanese whiskies. 

This publication obviously allows us to have a thorough knowledge of products and new market but especially gives us the opportunity to meet the people who make the Japanese whisky during events and distilleries tours. 

Uisuki is published by The Japanese Spirit Company, a private corporation whose only shareholders are the founders and which aims beyond the spirits, to promote the distribution of quality products from Japan.


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