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Whisky Karuizawa

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Karuizawa distillery was founded in 1955 by Mercian Wine Company (producer of japanese wines and liquors) in the city of Miyota, at the altitude of 850 meters near the Mount Asama, one of the most active volcanoes in the archipelago. Mainly aged in Sherry casks and compsed with the famous ‘Golden Promise’ barley, Karuizawa whiskies are now highly sought since the distillery was officially closed in 2000. Mercian company was bought by Kirin in 2007, and remaining stocks were rescued in 2011 by Number One Drinks Company (on behalf of an Asian company), then moved to be stocked in Chichibu.
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Karuizawa 1978/2014 cask 8383

63 % / 70 cl


Karuizawa 1979/2014 Cask 8187

58.8 % / 70 cl


Karuizawa 1980/2014 Cask 6476

63 % / 70 cl


Karuizawa 1981/2014 Cask 136

55.3 % / 70 cl

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