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Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve

SINGLE MALT - 43 % / 70 cl

Born in the Suntory historical distillery, the first in Japan, Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve is the new single malt to integrate the permanent whisky range of the brand. Fruity flavors, big part of the Yamazaki distillery signature including strawberry, cherry and white peach, are complemented by japanese typical spicy notes including cinnamon, incense and ginger.
Whisky very sweet and easy to drink, Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve is ideal for amateurs and very intriguing for fans of japanese whisky. It can be tasted straight or "on the rocks" with ice, but you can just as well serve a "highball" lying with sparkling water for a typical japanese experience of tasting.
Assuming that "age alone is not the only quality of a whisky", Suntory is challenging convention by proposing this new single malt. Indeed, Yamazaki Distiller 's Reserve is a whisky in hand, because it's a blended work among older whiskies named "veterans" and whiskies rather young but with amazing and attractive features, the team blenders called them "young talent" .
Three main elements enter into the composition of this single malt : a young talent and two veterans. Suntory selected as his young talent, a young whisky matured in French oak barrels of wine from Bordeaux with exceptional aromatic qualities for his young age. To bring complexity and body while respecting the signature of Yamazaki, blenders have selected whiskies aged over 20 years in sherry casks. Finally, to harmonize this blend, Suntory opted for a whisky aged in japanes oak barrels, the precious mizunara, which brings typically japanese spicy notes.


This product is limited to France only thank you for your understanding.

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