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La fermentation

Brewing and fermentation
Essential step in the production of whiskey , transform sugars into alcohol content in barley grains under the action of yeast to prepare the mixture for fermentation distillation aims .
Once at the distillery, malted barley is filtered to remove impurities and then crushed and transformed into flour called grist .
The grist is poured into large stainless steel tanks appellées mash tun , where it is mixed with hot water at 64 ° C to dissolve the sugars in the grist . After thirty minutes to an hour of stirring , a sweet wort is obtained is called the wort .
Water is present in all phases of the development of whiskey ; malting , brewing, dilution , quality is paramount. Most Japanese distilleries were built in preserved natural areas where abundant water is recognized for its purity. Some, such as Yamazaki , even have their own water source.
Yeasts are microorganisms that feed on sugar will turn into alcohol, carbon dioxide and heat , it is called alcoholic fermentation.
Most of the time producing whiskey use one or two types of yeast . The first is an industrial -type yeast sold by specialized manufacturers , the second is called the brewer 's yeast , specific to each distillery , it is grown and selected by the brewers.
In Japan, whiskey producers have a different philosophy , in fact they apply a strict and rigorous control of yeast. Some Japanese distilleries have their own yeast strains that have long chosen to lead production , Suntory has even rated the creation of a yeast : the suntoryeus lactobacillus .
The specific qualities of Japanese and yeast specific distillery fully involved in the acquisition of the typical signature of Japanese whiskeys waters.
Fermentation is the process of transformation of sugar into alcohol by the action of yeast , for that the wort is poured into washbacks which are large stainless steel tanks or sometimes wood such as Chichibu where they are wood mizunara of the endemic oak in Japan.
The process of alcoholic fermentation takes place immediately after the addition of yeast , the wort temperature starts to increase up to 30 ° C , in case the chemical reaction of conversion of sugar into alcohol produces heat but also carbon dioxide.
After 48 to 72 hours of fermentation , a compact foam is formed on the surface of washbacks and sugars have almost all been decomposed into alcohol. And fermented wort is called wash that can be considered as a kind of beer titrating 7 to 10% of volume and already exudes intense aromas of cereals.

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