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Bottling Japanese whiskey
These are the master blenders in accordance with the master de- cellars that determine whether the whiskey has matured and is ready to be bottled.
Whether the manufacture of single malts , blends of or blended malts, selected casks are then poured into a large vat , to be blended with other whiskeys ages and types , except for single casks which are drums bottled as is , retaining all of the features of the drum and are generally bottled cask strength without reducing the alcohol level .
Before the final bottling , the master blenders come into play and work as a perfume whiskey , playing on the quantities of different whiskeys together to achieve the final result.
Once assembled, the whiskey must be diluted with spring water to lower the level of alcohol in the mixture to the desired level . But this disorder dilution whiskey precipitating fats and to overcome this problem it is cold filtered .
After recent interventions, the whiskey is ready for bottling.
The assembly
In Japan , as elsewhere, a malt whiskey or grain , whether single malt , single grain , blended malt or blend is always the product of an assembly of several age, type and origin of different drums .
Today the Japanese are past masters in the art of blending and whiskeys produced on the island are regularly rewarded at international competitions, such as the Suntory Hibiki or Taketsuru Nikka .
Drums of different wines are poured into large vats , and as for the perfume each component of the mixture will be introduced in varying proportions to obtain a final product approved by the master assembler.
Very often to match the color of a single malt from a batch to batch , whiskeys are colored with caramel and more specifically the natural coloring E150a . This addition does not affect the flavor and is never mentioned on the label , only unstained whiskeys bear an inscription " non colored" .
Reducing the degree of alcohol
After the period of aging whiskey still has a high level of alcohol, about 64 % of the volume , despite the angels' share evaporated. To lower the level to the desired volume is added water source which has the consequences of rushing fats and thus disturb the whiskey. To prevent this, the whiskey is filtered cold.
Cold filtration
Whiskey is cooled to 0 ° C and then passed between two plates of cellulose that will capture grease. The cooling has the effect of increasing the reaction with the cellulose .
Finally a whiskey is obtained at the desired level of alcohol and a texture remained clear at the expense of certain aromatic components contained in the fatty substances removed whiskey during filtration .
To maintain maximum body fat and thus a richer texture , some single malt are unfiltered or cold unchill filtered . Whiskey is always passed between the plates of cellulose but at room temperature, uptake is then less effective so there is more fat in the whiskey and therefore these whiskeys have an alcohol level slightly higher between 46% and 50 % of the volume .
cask strength
Occasionally occur whiskey producers decide not to reduce the volume of alcohol , whiskey is bottled at natural strength of the barrel, it is a rather concentrated flavors for the experienced palate
All types of whiskey can be bottled cask strength , the blends as Nikka From the Barrel or single malts such as Chichibu .
The single cask
This type of bottling the barrel by barrel, allows producers to express the specifics of a drum. Indeed, each was uniquely evolves according to its form, the essence of the wood or the type of alcohol previously aged.
The barrels are selected by the master de- cellars for their specific characteristics and are then usually bottled at cask strength or cask strength .
Many Japanese producers to prefer this type of jam that retains the best qualities of taste whiskey.

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