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Whisky Blended malt

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A blended malt whisky is the result of blending several malt whiskies from different distilleries. Unlike classic blend, the blended malt whiskies, also called “vatted malt” or “pure malt”, are exclusively made of malted barley whiskies.
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Mars Maltage Cosmo

BLENDED MALT - 43 % / 70 cl

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Brand new Shinshu distillery's release, Mars Maltage "Cosmo" is integrating the permanent range of Mars Whisky. This blended malt whisky expresses a rich and intensely greedy aromatic profile, which will bring you into a charming Japanese and Scottish taste universe, carefully built around the two producing countries craftmanship. The result is a tasty blend of sweet flavors such as honey, caramel and riped fruits, subtly highlighted by some woody and smoky hints.


Facing a growing demand, Mars Whisky adopted a new strategy by creating a new permanent whisky made from their own malt production and the use of imported Scottish single malts. Therefore Mars Maltage "Cosmo" is a blend of single malts distilled and aged in Shinshu founded in 1985 at 798 meters above sea level in the heart of the Japanese Alps, with single malts distilled and aged in Scotland. His name "Cosmo" refers to one of the peaks of the mountain range surrounding the distillery.
Mars Maltage "Cosmo" has no age statement because Shinshu single malts used are relatively young, the distillery started distilling again in 2011, and old Scottish whiskies are very rare, thus Chief Blender Takehira Koteru focused on the specific taste characteristics of each single malts selected.
Bottled at 43% ABV, it is diluted with water 100% Japanese coming from sources close to the distillery from which water has been filtered through the granite rock for years, ensuring excellent quality and exceptional purity and honoring Japanese traditional soil.

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